Sevices - McCallum Cargo Sri Lanka

Yes, we’re groundhogs too. By utilizing our extensive global network and systems, McCallum Cargo is able to monitor your shipments around the clock, wherever in the world they are, regardless of continent.

Our new, state of the art operating system and streamlined technical infrastructure also allows for quick and easy access to McCallum Cargo’s Track and Trace information, complete with accurate customized reports. Our network gives us the flexibility to track, deliver and reduce cost, providing you with a seamless movement of cargo within domestic areas of your supply chain.

Services include:

  • o Emergency Services - Same Day air or surface solutions
    o Time Definite Service - Next Day, Second Day, and Three Day air and surface solutions
    o Economy Service
    o Road Feeder Service
    o Direct Delivery Service
    o Value Added Service - Specialized cargo handling and delivery
    o Local pick-up & delivery
    o P.O.D availability
    o Special delivery services on weekends/off-office hours